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 ===== Changing your username =====  ===== Changing your username ===== 
-Please see this [[https://www.cheapcheaplah.com/wiki/help:faq#how_can_i_change_my_username_i_made_a_mistake|FAQ Link]] with instructions on how to change your username. A username can only be changed once every 12 months. Should you require further username change due to a policy violation then a moderator can update it; contact us via the [[https://www.cheapcheaplah.com/forum/10041|Talk With a Moderator Forum]].+A username can be changed once every 12 months. You can change it yourself in your account's settings page.  
 +Sometimes you may get notification that your username violates our username policy. If you are not able to change it yourself due to the 12 month restriction, contact the moderators via the [[https://www.cheapcheaplah.com/forum/10041|Talk With a Moderator Forum]] and we will change it for you.