We Are Closing down CheapCheapLah at The End of February 2024

Long time no post, and here's an update on the last day of the year of Rabbit. We will be closing down CheapCheapLah at the end of February 2024 due to lack of activities. Website and social media profiles will be removed and domain will be parked and/or redirect to announcement on our other sites.

CheapCheapLah was launched almost 8 years ago due to requests from the Australian expat community and Singaporeans coming back from Australia. They all want something like OzBargain in Singapore, so we contemplated providing one. Initially we thought we'll just build a platform to facilitate bargain hunters in Singapore to share and discover deals and promotions, and the community will gradually grow, similar to what we have in Australia and New Zealand.

However the reality is far from "build it and they will come", as community building is far more that just tech stack and engineering. After almost 8 years, thousands of deals (posted mostly by @JSQUARED and @neil) and lots of time invested in keeping the site updated — there's still no traction. No one else has been posting deals, let alone having a community of bargain hunters helping each other to find the best deals.

So we decided that it's time to switch off the site and call it a day. We (Delvu Media in Australia) would have one less website to worry about, and maybe a local team can step up to provide what's missing here.


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    I'll miss receiving the daily good deals emails from😥

    • Same here. This is the only site I subscribed to ☹️

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