Username Policy

The CheapCheapLah Username Policy explains the types of usernames that are not permitted on the website. The following list is general in nature and may not cover all scenarios:

Misleading/Deceptive Usernames

Usernames that are misleading or may misrepresent a person or company. This may or may note tie in with our Avatar Guidelines. Usernames that are likely to confuse or cause adverse effects are also not permitted.

Example usernames: Admin, Moderator, Administrator

Offensive/Vulgar Usernames

A username that has or has a likely chance of offending another member, that represents or contains a vulgar or curse word, that attacks a user or a group/group of people or is likely to disrupt the site or to 'flame' reactions out of other users.

Reporting an inappropriate username

Should you feel a username is a violation of our username policy, press the report button on any comment made by that user and write inappropriate username in the text field, as well as an explanation if you feel appropriate before sending the report. Alternatively you can contact us via the Talk With a Moderator Forum.

Should moderators feel that a username is inappropriate, the user with the inappropriate username will be requested to update their username. Should a user not reply & comply within a reasonable timeframe, be an inactive member or have a username that is overly offensive, then a moderator will change the username. The inappropriate username will be changed to 'User' followed by their user number - eg User123123; until an appropriate username is chosen.

Changing your username

A username can be changed once every 12 months. You can change it yourself in your account's settings page.

Sometimes you may get a notification that your username violates our username policy. If you are not able to change it yourself due to the 12 month restriction, contact the moderators via the Talk With a Moderator Forum and we will change it for you.