Guide for Store Representatives & Associates

Unlike other online communities/forums, at CheapCheapLah we encourage merchants, service providers or store owners to post their good deals on CheapCheapLah. However, as this is a community website, it is highly recommended that store representatives read through this document before posting any content to ensure that your posts are well-received by the community.

Tagging of representatives is a free feature provided as a way of providing transparency and clarity to deals. Having a representative tag in no way represents an endorsement of that company or person by CheapCheapLah or the moderators.

Store representatives should also familiarise themselves with the CheapCheapLah content posting, commenting and voting guidelines, and the these rules and guidelines apply to all employees of a company or related people that fall under a representative tag. It is the responsibility of the store to communicate the code of conduct to all employees before posting content on CheapCheapLah.

There are also FAQs available for some common questions: FAQ for all users and FAQ for store representatives

Who is a representative?

If you have any of these relationships with a store, you need to tag yourself as a representative.

  • Associated - you are associated with someone who works there or owns the business (friend, family member etc)
  • Employee - you work there as an employee or contractor but you're not part of sales & marketing nor do you represent the company.
  • Product Representative - you don't work for the store however you have some ownership of the product or brand. e.g. distributor, author of book
  • 3rd Party Marketing - you work for a company hired by the store to promote their products or their online presence (including SEO)
  • Official Marketing - you are part of sales & marketing/advertising of the store itself
  • Official Store Representative - you represent the company and have authority to, say, make or withdraw offer and speak on behalf of the company.

If you have any relation to the company and do not want to be tagged as a rep then do not comment, post or vote on deals that you have an association with.

What to Expect

CheapCheapLah is a community website for bargain hunters and compers. Posting as a store representative does not give your offer any special treatment, and it will be voted by our members in the same way that member-posted offers will be voted. By posting on CheapCheapLah, you accept that you will get positive or negative feedback from the community, so do not expect it to be simply be a form of free advertising to attract business. Make sure that you have the best price around and can fulfill orders, and be responsive to questions about your deal raised by the community. Deals and competitions will not be unpublished just because they were not positively voted by the community.

If the offer you posted is not deemed a bargain by the community, it will be voted down (which may result in a temporary ban for your site). Too many negatively voted offers may result in more longer or permanent bans in the future.

Store Representative Code of Conduct

All store representatives must adhere to the code of conduct.


  • Familiarise yourself with the CheapCheapLah user guides as well as this document before posting any content.
  • Have a social media policy in place that is clearly communicated to all staff members. It is your responsibility to ensure that staff including contractors are aware that they shouldn't comment or vote on your company's deals on CheapCheapLah.
  • Do your research before posting any deals on CheapCheapLah. Our users are bargain-savvy and will be quick to point out if your price is not the best.

Do Not

  • Pose as a customer (See Sockpuppeting)
  • Vote or comment on your company's deals (See Sockpuppeting)
  • Sign up for multiple accounts
  • Tell everyone on your company to vote for the deal (See Sockpuppeting)
  • Ask your existing clients/customers/friends/family members to sign up on CheapCheapLah to vote positive or comment positively on your deals. (See Sockpuppeting)
  • Ask CheapCheapLah users to vote on your deal.
  • Privately contact a CheapCheapLah user who is not a store representative to post deals on your behalf.
  • Hijack a competitor's deal - post your own deal!
  • Comment negatively about a competitor
  • Vote down a competitor's deal
  • Put a fake location in your user profile

All the above activity will result your store or your user account being banned from CheapCheapLah.

Accuracy in Profile Details

Please ensure your profile information is accurate, up to date, includes the business you are representing.

  • Make sure your email address is current, so that members and moderators are able to contact you.
  • Make sure your location field is accurate.
    • If you are a non-Singaporean user, please put in your country of residence in the *location* field. Do not claim that you are from Singapore (or elsewhere) and deliberately deceive other members.

Expected Behavior

All members are expected to conduct themselves in line with the commenting guidelines and deal posting guidelines. Anyone that posts on CheapCheapLah as a rep, is considered to be representing their company, and must follow those guidelines in addition to conducting themselves professionally at all times.

It is recommended that reps respond to comments and reasonable enquiries about their deal, product or service. To assist with this, reps are automatically subscribed their deal posts.

Representatives are strongly discouraged from unsolicited private message communication to users for any reason, especially for commercial advertising which is explicitly forbidden. Representatives are forbidden to ask CheapCheapLah users to post deals on their behalf or offer incentives to users for that purpose. However we encourage store reps to respond to private messages from users seeking assistance with a deal that has been posted.

Users may contact representatives for assistance with issues on request such as providing an order number which can be followed up.

While it's fine to let people know about your deal, please do not ask people to vote for your deal.

Representatives are free to participate in threads as long as they don't:

Representatives are free to participate in threads as long as they don't:

  • vote on a competitor's deal.
  • promote or link to their own store or website.
  • link to products that they are selling.
  • negatively comment about a competitor's company.

If you feel that a representative or staff member is behaving fraudulently or inappropriately, please contact a moderator with information regarding the incident(s).

How do I...

How do I start posting deals or comps?

Like other users, you need to create a user account for yourself (one account per person only). The Getting Started with CheapCheapLah guide is a good place to start. Make sure you include an expiry date for any limited time offers.

How do I apply to become a Store Representative?

To make the affiliation between deals/comps and posters more transparent, CheapCheapLah requires all store representatives or associates to declare themselves as associated with the store. When submitting a deal/comp or posting a comment, please choose the I am Associated with the Store checkbox. CheapCheapLah also requires all store associates who post a deal to have private messaging enabled. This is automatically enabled as soon as you post your deal with the associated checkbox checked.

How do I change my role from Associated?

Representatives are marked as 'Associated' by default. These associations are displayed when you hover on 'My Account'. To change your role to one of the others specified in the previous section, hover on 'My Account' on the top menu, then select 'Store Associations', and make changes there.

The only role you cannot set for yourself is 'Official Store Representative' - this requires some verification on our end. Please contact the moderators so that we can set you up.

Official store representatives have the ability to edit their store profile on CheapCheapLah (such as contact details, website etc).

If you are no longer associated with a store please contact the moderators to have your association removed.

How do I mark my deal as expired?

Please click the Mark as expired link located beneath the description of the deal. A red expired notice will appear in the title and the description will be greyed out.

How do I remove a deal or competition that I have posted?

You can not remove the deal or competition yourself. In most cases we do not remove deals and competitions especially if there has been significant interest or if the post has some discussion value. By posting on CheapCheapLah, you must accept that you will receive both positive and negative comments. If you have special reasons why you need the post removed, please hit the 'report' link under the deal/comp description, and a moderator will assess your request.

Posting Limits

Currently there are some limits on how frequently a representative can post on CheapCheapLah. Representatives can check when they can post next by viewing their store page. The store page can be accessed by going to https://www.cheapcheaplah.com/deals/samplestore.com.sg where samplestore.com.sg is your store's URL.

  • Maximum 1 deal per 24 hours
  • Maximum 2 deals per 7 days is the default, however…
  • If the vote average across the recent rep deals is 0 or below, the domain is temporarily banned until the vote average is corrected over time.
  • If the vote average across the recent rep deals is between 0 and 3, the domain is temporarily banned for 2 weeks from the last post.
  • If the vote average across the recent rep deals is between 3 and 8, it is reduced to maximum 1 deal per week.
  • If the two most recent rep deals made the front page, the limit is increased to 3 deals per week.
  • If the three most recent rep deals receive more than double the front page minimum votes, the limit is increased to 4 deals per week.


  • The posting limit is calculated using a rolling window down to the precision of seconds. For example if a representative posted at 4:45PM yesterday, they will not be able to post again until 4:45PM today (assuming the 1 per 24 hours limit applies).
  • 'Recent deals' currently includes all representative deals from the past 30 days.
  • The vote average is calculated by taking the sum of (positive vote - negative vote) for each deal post, divided by the number of recent deals.

Performance-Based Store Bans

A store will be banned if deals posted by representatives continually attract a low amount of votes. The system will ban a store if:

  • The 2 latest rep posts (excluding those posted before the last performance ban) are 60 days or less apart, and
  • The vote average for the store's rep posts over the last 90 days is less than or equal to 0

Note: the latest post will be allowed 24 hours to collect votes before vote averages are calculated.

The store is temporarily banned from rep posts for 30 days from the time of the latest rep deal if the above conditions are met. Note that if a store has been banned twice, the third performance based ban is 1 year.

Legal threats policy

CheapCheapLah has implemented a zero tolerance policy for vexatious threats made against CheapCheapLah or its moderators.

CheapCheapLah is more than willing to consider and respond to reasoned, polite requests regarding the removal of posts and/or threads that are:

Any such request should be made via Talk with a mod (TWAM) (a discreet discussion area).


Where CheapCheapLah is of the reasonable view that a request/demand is vexatious, it reserves the right to take any or all of the following actions:

  • Publicising the legal threats (and associated correspondence) and who has made them, including, but not limited to, any or all of the following actions:
  • Penalty boxing of any and all accounts associated with the person or business making such threats;
  • Banning the store from any further posts , thereby rendering them read-only, on either a temporary or permanent basis;
  • If a legal threat is received in a form of a cease and desist letter, then the legal document will be posted on Chilling Effects and a forum post made.

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