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 +====== Foxshot: CheapCheapLah's Screenshot System ======
 +It is called //foxshot// because Firefox is used to power the screenshot capture. We are using a recent version of Firefox running on Linux to take the screenshot of submitted web pages.
 +  * When a new deal is posted or when the URL is changed in an existing deal, the URL is sent to a queue.
 +  * Queue will be polled by our CheapCheapLah engine. A new screenshot will be taken if it's currently free.
 +  * For some merchants where "product image" feature has been implemented, it will try to locate the product image on the page and use that image instead of taking a screenshot.
 +  * Otherwise a border-less Firefox instance will be started at 900x900, load in the URL, and a screenshot will be taken.
 +Moderators have ability to refresh the screenshot. If the screenshot does not appear to be correct, please Report to the moderators.
 +=== Why my deal's screenshot says "Picture Coming soon"? ===
 +If you have just posted the deal, it will be up to 5 minutes before the backend can process the posted URL and turn it into a screenshot -- so be patient :)
 +However if it stays as "Picture Coming soon" for extensive amount of time, there might be some issues with the backend. Please [[http://www.cheapcheaplah.com/contact|contact us]] about the issue.
 +=== How do I use my product image rather than screenshot of my website? ===
 +When we first load the page, we will go through a few checks to see whether a product image is available.
 +  * Use [[http://schema.org/Article|Schema Article]] inside your HTML document. For example, ''<img src="foobar.jpg" itemprop="image"/>'' or ''<a href="foobar.jpg" itemprop="image"/>''
 +  * Use [[http://ogp.me/|Open Graph Protocol]] in your HTML header. For example, ''<meta property="og:image" content="foobar.jpg"/>'' or ''<meta name="og:image" content="foobar.jpg"/>''
 +  * Have a single DOM element with ID "image". For example, ''<img id="image" src="foobar.jpg"/>''
 +We do however also implement special rules for some merchants to parse the HTML to extract out the product images. Please contact CheapCheapLah if you need this service done on your website.