Frequently Asked Questions for Store Representatives

Can I submit my store promotions or competitions?

Yes, you can. However, CheapCheapLah is a bargain-savvy community website, not a website for free advertising. By posting on CheapCheapLah, you are making a public post that is available to the community to assess and comment on. You have to be willing to accept that you may get positive or negative feedback as we do not unpublish deals or competitions once they are posted. It is recommended that you have a look on the website for existing deals and comments before posting a deal or competition. You may want to review the store representative guide to see if you agree with the guidelines before proceeding.

How much does it cost?

CheapCheapLah is a free service for everyone. There is no charge for anyone to post, vote or comment.

Where do I start?

To participate on CheapCheapLah, you will need to register for a free user account (one account per person) . Store representatives can sign up for a user account in the same way as other users. Please read the getting started guide in conjunction with this document.

All store representatives must read the Guide for Store Representatives & Associates and ensure that rules and guidelines are followed. Failure to adhere to the rules and guidelines may result in your store or user account being banned on this website. Please note that we have a strict policy against artificial voting and Sockpuppeting.

Store Representative Accounts

Can I have a personal account as well as a merchant account on CheapCheapLah?

We do not allow individuals to hold multiple CheapCheapLah accounts. Merchants who sign up for multiple accounts for different purposes will trigger our Sockpuppeting and ghost account detection, which then may result in the store being banned.

I have more than one store. Can I create separate accounts for each store?

We do not allow multiple accounts per individual, as per our Terms and Conditions. However, you can be a store representative for more than one store per CheapCheapLah account. Please contact us if you want to have your account officially linked to one or more stores.

Posting Content

Please read the FAQ - posting content section for all users. Make sure you enter an expiry date so that your deal post will automatically be marked as expired when the time comes.

How often can I post a deal?

Can I submit a datafeed to have all my inventories automatically posted?


CheapCheapLah is a bargain sharing community, and it is not a place for advertisements unless you have a special offer for our members. Automated or mass postings do not offer our members any value and are likely to bring negative feedback to your company which may result in the store being banned.

Why can't I post my deal?

There are a few possible reasons why you can't post content. There could be

  • An issue with your user account, e.g. you are in the Penalty Box, or
  • An issue with your store.

Please read the error message carefully to determine which one it is. There usually a reason contained in the message, and links for further information.

If you see an error message saying “Posting deals from <your store's domain> has been banned…”, it could be one of the following.

  • You have reached your posting limit.
  • You or someone from your store has violated CheapCheapLah's terms of service. (Sockpuppeting, spamming, etc.) and your store has been banned.
  • You or someone from your store has previously requested that nothing from your site can be posted on CheapCheapLah.
  • Your store has received too many negative votes

How do I remove a deal or competition that I have posted?

What happens if I have sold all my products from the deal or the sale has ended?


Can I vote for a deal if I have some affiliation with the poster or company?

Do not vote on deals where you have some relationship with the business or if you are a competitor.

You can put in supportive comments which highlight the benefits of a deal, provided you fully disclose your relationship with the business.


How do I advertise on CheapCheapLah?

If you wish to advertise on CheapCheapLah's display ads space, you can target CheapCheapLah on Google Adwords.

Community Feedback

I just posted a good deal. Why aren't more people liking the deal?

Some bargains are well received but not all bargains will become hits, no matter how good they are. Sometimes, a hotter deal is posted at the same time, which soaks up all the attention. At other times, members may not think a particular bargain or product is of interest to them.

Somebody is voting down my deal! What can I do?

By posting on CheapCheapLah you have to accept that there may be negative feedback. It is strongly recommended that you do your research first, make sure you are posting the cheapest price and are able to fulfill orders. Users that cast a negative vote must leave a comment before voting. If they have found a cheaper price elsewhere, or have issues with your store, they are entitled to vote negative.

Negative votes that fall into the list of inappropriate negative votes can be reported to the moderators. Just click on the 'report' link comment.

What should I do improve my relationship with the community?

  • Do your research before posting. This is a bargain site where people are looking for bargains, and users will be quick to point it out if your price is not the cheapest.
  • It's a good idea to watch the other deals posted on the site for a number of days, before your first post. Pay particular attention to what shoppers like about good deals and avoid doing what encourages negative voting.
  • Be prepared to engage with the community. Users may ask questions about your deal in the comments. Your deal may be received badly if you post a deal and never log on again, as it will be seen as using the website for free advertising.
  • Shoppers are always entitled to vote on a deal. We do have guidelines under which if they are not met we will revoke a negative vote - these are listed here.
  • Reps shouldn't argue with users as they are potential customers. If you think members have rated you unfairly, use the \\report link
    as that's the fastest way to call on the moderators for help.
  • Posting unfavourable comments about a competitor is not permitted. Additionally, posting links to your products/deals in a competitors thread is also not acceptable. Both are considered as being conduct unbecoming and will invoke a penalty.

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