expired $3 off ($38 Minimum Spend) or $8 off ($78 Minimum Spend) on Mooncake Deals at Fave (previously Groupon)


Promo codes for mooncake deals at Fave (previously Groupon).

  • Use promo code FULLMOON for $3 off ($38 minimum spend)
  • Use promo code LANTERN for $8 off ($78 minimum spend)

Note that there may be some other promo codes (eg. sitewide offers) on this page which you might want to use instead as they may give better discounts.

Referral Links

Referral:  JSQUARED or random (10)

Referrals get $3 off first order over $6, referrers get $3 credit for each successful referral.

Fave SG (previously Groupon)

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