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5 x $1 Ride Credit at oBike (Referral Code)


Ride on Singapore’s first station-less bike sharing platform. Use the app, unlock an oBike and you’re ready to go.

oBike, is a bicycle sharing services platform, allowing everyone to take short trips within the city. oBike helps to reduce the traffic congestion, help to reduce environmental pollution, and make the city better place to live in. It serves as a Green solution for your short-distance trip. You can hire or return a bike quickly on the App.

It is most convenient to use oBike for short trips, especially a one way trip. Reserve a bike and unlock it using the oBike App. At the end of the ride, just park the bike in a legal designated area and lock it using the app.

S$1 = 30min of bike riding

Referral Code: 1790658286

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  • Is there more information on the referral program? $3 seems to be different from what they are saying on Facebook which is:

    Starting today, you will earn $5 worth of coupons for EACH friend who registers and completes his or her 1st trip by 4 June 2359hrs. Your friends will also receive $5 worth of coupons.

  • The referral link in description is going to a 404 page :(

    • Link fixed. Referral appears to be 5 free rides (I assume $1 each).

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