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[PC, Steam] Free: Grow Big (or Go Home): Ultimate Edition (U.P. $9) @ Steam


Grow Big (or Go Home): Ultimate Edition is free to keep now.

Playing as Bruce, the world's most talented indoor gardener, you will travel to different eras and worlds in order to water, light, and tend to the most tedious plants with the high-tech magic of a watering can, a reflective mirror, and an electric fan, to name just a few tools at your disposal.
Using straightforward controls taught in an intuitive way, experience the simple but challenging systems in this top-down 2d plant simulator, in all of it's pixel-art glory [Zero pixels were rotated in the making of this game].

In the new Ultimate Edition, every aspect of the Grow Big (or Go Home) has been expanded on and improved upon, including visuals, audio, and gameplay.

Can you unlock the 3 themed outfits that Bruce desires?

Can you complete hard mode and master the art of gardening?

via Ebany at OzBargain

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