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[Android, iOS] Quadropoly 3D: Free - 2 Premium Tokens and No Ads for 3 Days with Promo Code - Google Play/Apple Store


Quadropoly is a project to train AI with Machine Learning comparable to Deep Blue for Chess and Alpha Go for Go. It has been in development since January 2016. This month I have published a brand new sequel to my Property Trading Game for both iOS and Android - Quadropoly 3D. I know I am going against the current trend in the game development industry. Hyper Casual games seem to be the mainstream today, and it takes on average 1-2 weeks to develop and release a game in that genre. I have already spent 5,5 years on Quadropoly (and counting).


The game is free to download and for a limited time everyone gets a premium token for free (Kangaroo). It has some ads (one every ~10 minutes). After starting it up, select your account name, go to Account, click Promo Code, and enter "JoinQuadropoly" without quotes. That gives another premium token (a Car) and removes ads for 3 days. To be able to register the Promo Code, the game asks you to create a password and links it to your email. After registering, your account can be played on any device, and all your progress is saved in the Cloud. Email is only used to reset your password in case it is forgotten, but if someone does not want to provide it a fake email would work just fine. Just make sure you do not lose your password as it would not be possible to reset it.

  • Cross platform Online Multiplayer (i.e. you can play using an Android phone against an opponent who is using an Apple device)
  • Artificial Intelligence for Quadropoly has been trained with Machine Learning models on games with over 1.6 Million players in the last 5+ years
  • 3D graphics and live premium tokens
  • Support for all official monopoly rules by the book
  • AI advice at any moment in game to speed up your learning
  • Ability to upload and watch replays of completed games from all players in Leaderboards. This is one of the best ways to learn new tactics used by others!
  • Extensive game customisation options including the ability to use your own Dice
  • Support for the most well known House rules (Pro Settings)
  • Variable animation speed allows the game to be completed in 6-15 minutes
  • Every single AI in every game is unique and has its own personality which defines its risk taking or risk averse tendencies as well as the attitude towards property. AIs are great at imitating real people: they could be annoyed, desperate or greedy in different stages of the game

With 8 difficulty levels available you can always stop on a level you feel comfortable with, advancing at your own pace. The number of scores given per game depends on the number of tactics used. This ensures the best players ability to get a much higher score per game, being able to advance 10 to 50 times faster than the beginner and quickly unlock top levels. However, with Champion level capable of participating in monopoly World Championships even the best players are guaranteed to find the game very challenging.

Most of the new functionality released weekly is added based on player's requests.
Any feedback would be highly appreciated either here or at

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

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