Sea of Thieves Rising Morningstar Clothing Set (Part 2) - Free with Twitch Drops


These are in-game cosmetics, which I understand aren’t everyone’s thing. This just serves as a heads-up for those interested, albeit a little late in the day this time (oops!). Hope it’s helpful.

Also, these are part of the same clothing set from last month, but they’re not the same items.

Twitch Drops return to Sea of Thieves from 10am on Friday, 27th November to Wednesday, 2nd December! Over this Thanksgiving period we’re giving you the opportunity to secure more items from the Rising Morningstar clothing set. All you need to do to earn these cosmetics is tune in each day to watch your favourite Sea of Thieves Partners streaming live for a minimum of 20 minutes, then claim each reward within 24 hours!

👗 27th Nov: Rising Morningstar Dress Hat, Rising Morningstar Hook 🪝
🌂28th Nov: Rising Morningstar Pegleg
🧤29th Nov: Rising Morningstar Captain Gloves
🧥30th Nov: Rising Morningstar Crew Jacket
🥾1st Dec: Rising Morningstar Boots

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