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 +====== Competition Posting Guidelines ======
 +===== Before Posting =====
 +Please make sure the competition has not already been posted. You can [[https://www.cheapcheaplah.com/search/node/?t=o|search for it first]].
 +===== Posting =====
 +Please fill in as much information as you can.
 +For the title, 
 +  * include
 +    * prize(s)
 +    * name of the company/store
 +  * exclude
 +    * exclamation marks
 +    * excessive uppercase letters 
 +Post the direct link in the URL field without any referrals.
 +Please choose the appropriate competition type, as they are categorised accordingly.
 +Please include:
 +     * closing date
 +     * draw date
 +     * eligible locations
 +     * number of prizes, total prize pool value
 +     * entry methods
 +     * entry requirements
 +===== Store Representatives or Organisers =====
 +If you are a representative of the store, product or an organiser of the competition, please also tick the “I am associated with the competition” checkbox.
 +===== Referrals =====
 +Some competitions asks you to share your link with your friends to get more entries for yourself. These are referred to as 'referral links'. If you have a referral link, please put this at the **end** of the description only. Users can also add their own referral links to the comments (once only).
 +===== Restrictions =====
 +  * Do not post competitions that have not yet started - these will be removed by a moderator.
 +  * Do not post competitions for [[banned_items| banned items]] - this includes gambling related competitions or raffles.
 +  * Do not ask users to vote on your competition.
 +  * Competitions for companies that solely collect data for the purposes of promoting and marketing of products or services offered by sponsors and clients will be removed.