Competition Posting Guidelines

Before Posting

Please make sure the competition has not already been posted. You can search for it first.


Please fill in as much information as you can.

For the title,

  • include
    • prize(s)
    • name of the company/store
  • exclude
    • exclamation marks
    • excessive uppercase letters

Post the direct link in the URL field without any referrals.

Please choose the appropriate competition type, as they are categorised accordingly.

Please include:

  • closing date
  • draw date
  • eligible locations
  • number of prizes, total prize pool value
  • entry methods
  • entry requirements

Store Representatives or Organisers

If you are a representative of the store, product or an organiser of the competition, please also tick the “I am associated with the competition” checkbox.


Some competitions asks you to share your link with your friends to get more entries for yourself. These are referred to as 'referral links'. If you have a referral link, please put this at the end of the description only. Users can also add their own referral links to the comments (once only).


  • Do not post competitions that have not yet started - these will be removed by a moderator.
  • Do not post competitions for banned items - this includes gambling related competitions or raffles.
  • Do not ask users to vote on your competition.
  • Competitions for companies that solely collect data for the purposes of promoting and marketing of products or services offered by sponsors and clients will be removed.