expired Groupon - New Shopback Customers Get Up To $10 Shopback Cashback ($5 + $5 with Groupon purchase)


Groupon is highlighting this deal where new customers to Shopback can get up to $10 cashback credit by joining today and purchasing a groupon deal of your choice. The usual cashback is 7% which you will also get, the $10 cashback is a bonus.

If you have no idea what Shopback is, here's an intro. Basically you shop online as usual, but you get a share in the commission that the merchant usually gives to the websites that referred you or where you clicked from.

Not sure if you really need to purchase this 'free' groupon deal. You can probably just go straight to the special registration link for shopback.

Steps to redeem:

  1. Sign up here and get $5 Cashback
  2. Click on GROUPON store on Shopback. Shop and earn up to 7% Cashback on your purchase
  3. Enjoy extra $5 Cashback for your first purchase via ShopBack
  4. Pay out to your bank account

So even if you don't buy a groupon deal today, you should still get the first $5. You could just purchase a $3 deal like the $3 Mazazu crepe to get the extra $5. Remember to use the MARCH coupon code for extra 5% off dining deals and 10% off other local deals.

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