Who Actually Visits This Website?

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    Well this website is just starting out so not many visitors. According to stats, the demographics of the visitors here are 45% Singaporeans & 42% Australians (probably just OzBargain visitors).


    I'm in. Will be useful when visiting Singapore.


    I'm hoping it becomes as amazing as the OzB site. I've only moved to Singapore recently but things seem so much more expensive here and it seems there is never any real discounts / sales in supermarkets as you would see in Coles / Woolies. I'd be happy to add deals…still waiting to spot one. There is deals I'm sure you could find on the OzB site which can be valid here but there is no point replicating them.


      Nice. It would be great if we could have more people sharing deals :)

      There is deals I'm sure you could find on the OzB site which can be valid here but there is no point replicating them.

      Actually it's good to post them here as well since 45% of visitors are from Singapore and may not necessarily come from OzB.


    Is there a post for Singapore credit card promotion on dining. Those are bloody awesome, 1 for 1 buffet deals.


    I do :) My brother is in Australia so I visit OzB often. Hope this goes on to become a community like OzB someday!


    Who Actually Visits This Website? Ten Words



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    I visit sometimes .


    I visited this website, when I was searching deals for Singapore.


    Hi Guys, big fan of Ozbargain since I moved to Australia from SG years ago. The main reason for me to visit Ozbargain is below:

    • AU stuffs are really expensive, comparing with SG
    • Online shopping is norm, lost of different deals
    • Retail is limited and often much much expensive
    • Strong sharing community, lots of contributors (part of OZ culture I presumed)
    • Due to the high living cost + tax, bargain is a must for every item I'm buying

    Good job on your guys putting the same concept into Singapore. However, I don't think its going to work the same way, simply the following:

    • SG stuffs are way cheaper and lots of sales everywhere
    • "Physical" shopping is part of life, lots of malls and near the MRT. I rarely shop online unless there is a really good deal.
    • Prices are competitive everywhere
    • Weak sharing community; not really. Stomp is example of sharing/shaming platform. Just that seeing a deal and post it on the site is not part of the culture, we prefer to consume rather than contribute for this case. Everyone is too busy to spend time sharing a deal.

    My other 2 cents about this site is the weird site name, I know it sounded SG style but it's wrong, at least to me. The usage of 'lah' is not right in this context, and the word of cheap is more like cheapskate instead of getting a good deal. The more relevant word for deals would be "lobang", is a malay word which means hole. Hole represents secret tunnel, imagine you are stuck in a warzone, but you want to dig a hole/tunnel for alternative route. I think this is how the word "lobang" become a alternative deal. For example people will ask, "Hey, iPhone 7 has sold you, you got lobang?"

    I did a quick check and found out someone created a FB group with this name, "Got Lobang" and lots of people sharing deals here.


    If we need CheapCheapLah to be successful like OzBargain, you guys need to start working from the ground.


    need to reach out to people and sites more. but yeah still starting out so need time


    Was in Australia, an ozbargain user. Now reside in Singapore.