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ActiveSG - Free Membership with $100 Credit to Use for Swimming Pool/Gym Admission, Renting Sporting Fields/Courts + More


Did you know that you can get $100 to spend on swimming pool or gym admissions, or for booking badminton/tennis/table tennis/squash courts? If you are a Singapore citizen or permanent resident above 12 years of age, you qualify for this freebie! If your new year's resolution includes getting more exercise, here is the perfect opportunity to do so for free!

You will first need to register for free lifetime ActiveSG membership. This can be done online or via their app or in person at Guest Services Office at all ActiveSG Sports Centres and swimming complexes. Once you have registered and your account has been verified, you will get $100 credit on your ActiveSG account that expires on 31 Dec in the following year. So if you register today and your account is verified soon after, your $100 credit should expire on 31 December 2018.

The $100 credit can be used on:

  • Pool and gym admissions (includes Senja-Cashew Community Centre Swimming Pool)
  • ActiveSG programmes and activities (capped at 30% of the cost for each programme/ activity, no limit on number of programme/ activity sign-ups)
  • ActiveSG facilities booking (excluding Dual-Use-Scheme facilities)
  • Purchase of MyActiveGYM and MyActiveSWIM schemes

Pool and gym admissions

This category covers one-off admission fees.

  • Some public swimming pools that cost $1 or $2 per entry. If you are only planning to once a week, $100 will last you a long time.
  • ActiveGYM is $2.50 per entry

ActiveSG facilities booking

This includes things like:

  • Courts for badminton, tennis, table tennis, squash
  • fields for soccer, volleyball, futsal, basketball, netball and hockey

MyActiveGYM and MyActiveSWIM

If you intend to hit the gym or swimming pool several times a week, MyActiveGYM and MyActiveSWIM schemes may work out to be more economical as you can pay monthly/yearly instead of for every visit.

30% Off ActiveSG Programmes

You can use your credit towards 30% of the cost of classes such as aerobics, archery, dance, gymnastics, taichi, wushu, zumba, pilates, KpopX fitness, CardioMIX and PILOXING and more…
You can search for classes in your area

More details on the ActiveSG membership FAQ

The ActiveSG website also lists the participating facilities where you can search for gyms, swimming pools, racquet sports courts etc.

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