[iOS] Free Lifetime Subscription: Teleprompter for Vloggers (U.P. $59.98) @ Apple App Store


Teleprompter for Vloggers is free for life.

Teleprompter for Vloggers

Unlock Your Confident Speaking: Introducing Our Teleprompter App for video bloggers – Your Premium Presentation Companion. Step onto the stage with unwavering assurance as you effortlessly follow the text flow, maintaining eye contact and a natural rhythm. From speeches to videos, captivate your audience and maintain focus. Embrace the power of seamless delivery and download now to amplify your impact.

App features:

  • Create and edit your scripts on the device

  • Import Txt, Word and PDF files from the cloud

  • Record Videos inside of the app

  • Set the speed of the playback

  • Set a specific time for the playback

  • Set the font size

via Scrooge McDeal at OzBargain

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