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Disney Plus Yearly Membership: TRY₺649.90 (~S$32) + ₺33.29 (S$1.64) Admin Fees @ Disney Plus via Turkey (No VPN Required)


New subscribers in Singapore to Disney+ Premium will be going from $11.98 per month to $15.98 per month and their yearly plans are going from $119.98 per year to $159.98 per year. Disney+ Standard Plan will be $12.98 per month or S$129.98 per year. The differences between the plans are 1080p vs 4k and 2 concurrent sessions vs. 4. Now you can subscribe before the price changes OR you can save $$$ by signing up via Turkey.

For Android users

  1. Create new Google account on phone
  2. Delete cache in Google Play Store (not sure if needed)
  3. Select new account in Google Play Store
  4. Add payment method and select Turkey as Country.
  5. Uninstall Disney+ if you have it installed.
  6. Open Google Chrome/browser on your phone in an incognito window. Set your window to desktop mode.
  7. Search Disney+ on Google Play store in your browser.
  8. Log in on new account and remote install Disney+ to your phone
  9. Open app on phone and pay in TRY

For iOS users

  1. Create Turkish Apple ID

Go to https://appleid.apple.com/account
Follow the onscreen steps. In the mobile number section use your Singaporean mobile number (Very important to use a valid number or risk losing your ID). Choose country as Turkey. Then follow through the rest to create your ID. Login into Apple ID on a browser. Go to this link to enter a Turkish address to your Turkish Apple ID and save.

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone/iPad > Your Name > Media and Purchases > Log out from your current ID and login with your Turkish Apple ID

  2. Go to App Store and download Disney Plus app > A pop up may appear to confirm your details > Choose payment method as “None”

  3. Buy TL iTunes gift cards from TurGame (50TL/TRY x 13 gift cards) > Choose currency as TL/TRY and pay with international transaction fee free card.

  4. Redeem iTunes gift cards(apple.co) by going to App Store > Account (located at right top corner) > Redeem gift cards or code.

  5. Open Disney Plus App > Sign Up

via Scrooge McDeal at OzBargain

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