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[PC, Steam] Free: Sherwood Extreme (U.P. US$15) @ Steam


Usually the freebies are something that was paid that is free. This is the other way round and is currently free but will be paid shortly.

Announcement & Announcement number 2 This will have a price tag of $15 very soon.

Announcement POSTED
Thu, March 16, 2023

Last chance to get Sherwood Extreme for FREE! In 3 weeks, we switch to $15 for the full game. Our next major update will arrive on the same day. Tell your friends to add it to their Steam library today! 🕹ī¸

While we're extremely happy with its reception so far, our plans for Sherwood are ramping up… The new price could support our remaining work and future games after launch. đŸ’Ĩ

Join us on Discord for the latest news, tips, and offers. Thank you for playing Sherwood Extreme early access! ❤ī¸

Salaar and Gabriel
CAGE Studios 🔓

Announcement number 2 POSTED
Wed, May 10, 2023

Spring Update Delayed
Spring Update Delayed Until June
Heroes of Sherwood! We are delaying our major update for Sherwood Extreme to next month to include an important change. đŸ’Ĩ

We want everyone to enjoy Sherwood with friends for free, even after switching to paid. Our free demo will allow players to experience online co-op with limited single player. 🕹ī¸ Existing players keep the full game for free. Along with the update, expect co-op bugfixes and a new secret feature.

In other news, our Steam developer page is now live. Follow us there for game updates and discounts.

Join us on Discord to meet the rest of our incredible community. Thank you for your patience and support! ❤ī¸

Salaar and Gabriel
CAGE Studios 🔓

Flip, swing, and slow-motion dive as Robin Hood: master of parkour and archery! Snipe wacky foes and bullet-time your way through the kingdom. Speedrun thousands of level variants and chase leaderboard glory, solo or with friends.

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