[Android] Free: Planets 3D Live Wallpaper (U.P. $5.99) @ Google Play Store


Planets 3D Live Wallpaper is free for a limited time.

Earth and other planets from space are an amazing, beautiful and inspiring sight. Live wallpapers, such as Planets 3D Live Wallpaper, allow everyone to enjoy this view and make your phone or TV screen more interesting and interactive.

Full 3D environment

  • Android TV and TV boxes support (Android TV backdrop / screensaver)
  • Celestial bodies: Mercury, Venus, Earth & Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune
  • Detailed close-up view of planets of the solar system from space
  • Zoom-in and zoom-out
  • Camera distance settings
  • Animation settings
  • Brightness and saturation settings
  • Android screensaver support (phone/tablet)

This Planets 3D Live Wallpaper will give your TV or phone screen a completely new spin and can turn it into something unique. You no longer need to be an astronaut to see planets of the Solar system from orbit, all you need is this wallpaper to be downloaded to your device.

Now, you don’t need a telescope or a spacecraft to start exploring Solar system - just install the Planets 3D live wallpaper application and start your acquaintance with space. The Planets live wallpaper application was designed specifically for fans of astronomy and space.

via HamBoi69 at OzBargain

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