$0.50 Cashback When You Top up (Min. $10) Your SimplyGo EZ-Link Card via The EZ-Link App


Works out to be 5% cashback.

With your EZ-Link app and SimplyGo EZ-Link card (formerly known as Account-based EZ-Link card) in hand, not only do you enjoy the convenience of topping up on-the-go, you reap the rewards of our cashback promotion too!

From now till 31 December 2022, every top-up transaction (min. $10) gets you $0.50 cashback credited into your EZ-Link Wallet! Upon successful activation of your EZ-Link Wallet, it can be used for cashless purchases at EZ-Link accepted SGQR merchants! Cashback is capped at a maximum of $2.00 per card.

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