Mega Man Zero / Zx Legacy Collection Ps4 for $10.43 + Delivery from Amazon SG


All-new competitive rush mode – Z Chaser Mode allows players to race to complete challenges from both the Zero and ZX games
Newcomer friendly Casual Scenario Mode and Save-Assist System – New players can jump right into the futuristic universe of the Rockman Zero and ZX series with a new Casual Scenario Mode.
Bounce back from mistakes using the new optional Save-Assist system to revive at the most recent map checkpoint without losing a life
Experience the games as they were first released with a monitor filter option that features the original sprite art, or toggle the smooth filter on for a clean look to the charming, classic sprites.
Region/Version: R3/ASI
Freely choose from a variety of layout options for the ZX series' dual-screen displays and controls at any tim

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