Toki Retrollector Edition, Nintendo Switch for $12.94 + Delivery from Amazon SG


Rediscover Toki's Talents. Toki can walk, jump, swim, climb and spit! That's right, he uses his saliva to great effect to combat his opponents!
Varied Environments. Explore lush environments invaded by foul creatures! The Labyrinth, Neptune Lake, the Jungle of Darkness and more are infested with Vookimedlo's lackeys, and it's up to Toki to prevail.
Addicting Arcade Gameplay. Revisit the Golden Age of video games without breaking the piggy bank. Enjoy the challenge of arcade-style gameplay and put your name at the top of the high score table! Rookie players can also enjoy the game with a new Easy mode.
No Warranty
IMDA Rating: General (Suitable for all users)
Region/Version: EUR

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