Merchant Take-Down Requests

This thread is for disclosing take-down requests from merchants and related discussions. We at CheapCheapLah often receive requests from merchants to remove pages and deals on this website. Sometimes the requests can be reasonable but sometimes not. The moderators will use this thread to post requests from merchants + our actions.

For merchants / store representatives:


  • Request

    Receive email from Fuzzie Team, referring to this deal:

    Our campaign is not meant for publication elsewhere and it violates our terms. We recommend that you remove it immediately in all parts of your website or we will be required to take legal action

    Further more,

    The publicity is not meant for broadcast externally by other parties. Any use of our trademarks are subject to our approval.

    We request that you remove all mention of Fuzzie on your website. If you do wish to publicise in future, do let us know first and obtain our explicit consent.


    While we do not agree with the argument from Fuzzie, as we

    1. have not violated their "terms" as CheapCheapLah have not agree with any Fuzzie's terms and conditions.
    2. have not misused the trademark by quoting the brand name and linking to their publicly viewable Facebook posts.

    Moreover, as a community website we are not interested in obtaining consent before our members to quote or link to public viewable URLs.

    However we do allow a brand to purge themselves permanently from our platform. In the case of Fuzzie, all the previous posts are now removed and is now permanently banned on CheapCheapLah.

    • +1

      Nothing much good in the app anyway. No wonder they are giving it away for free. No one would pay $99 for it.

      • agree with this. if u google fuzzie, can easily find negative reviews about them. i received their email and wont bother to sell my review exchange for their status

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