300GB Data with 4G Rollover for $38/Month for 12 Months @ Circles.Life (New Sign Ups)


Enough is enough

2020, what a year. Global Pandemic. Dengue outbreak. CB restrictions. The list goes on. We’re pissed off, but together, we can reset this hell of a year.

Use this code at sign-up to unlock 300GB with 4G Rollover, enough data to conquer this new normal:

Code: 300GB


(psst, monthly limit lasts forever* btw)

With that much data you can handle anything! Learn a new skill online. Follow a workout tutorial and get those abs. Start a frickin’ revolution to reset 2020!

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Referees get $20 off their registration fee. Referrers get 200 MB/month bonus data on their plan.

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