Use Your GrabPay Card or GrabPay Wallet for Online Spending to Get up to 15,000 Rewards Points/Month


Use your GrabPay Card or GrabPay Wallet for online spending to get up to 15,000 rewards points/month!

From now till October 2020, Grab is running a promotion called “Power Up”, which allows GrabPay users to earn up to 15,000 bonus GrabRewards points per month when they use their GrabPay Mastercard or GrabPay Wallet for online transactions.

GrabPay’s Power Up promotion
Here’s how GrabPay’s Power Up promotion works. There are three promotion periods, which run from the 14th of each month to the 13th of the month after, i.e:

Period 1: 14 July to 13 August 2020
Period 2: 14 August to 13 September 2020
Period 3: 14 September to 13 October 2020
During each of these periods, GrabPay users who spend at least S$500 or S$1,000 on online transactions will earn 5,000 or 15,000 bonus points, capped at 8,000 and 2,000 users per promotion period.

Each user is only entitled to receive one bonus per month, i.e if you spend S$1,200, you get 15,000 bonus points, not 15,000 + 5,000.

Bonus GrabRewards points will be credited to your Grab account within 14 working days from the last day of each monthly period. GrabRewards points received under this promotion do not count towards elite tier progression.

Are there any spending exclusions?
Grab is excluding two MCCs from this campaign:

MCC 6300: Insurance sales, underwriting and premiums
MCC 9399: Government services

Referral Links

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Referee receives $3 off their first ride. Referrer receives $3 off a ride for each successful referral.

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    Once again, all spending must be made on e-commerce via GrabPay (i.e online transactions at GrabPay-integrated merchants, and GrabPay Mastercard online transactions). Transactions made in-store or via the Grab app using other credit/debit cards will not count.

    Any points earned through this campaign will not count towards GrabRewards tier progression. Winners will be updated on the campaign page within 14 business days after 13 October 2020.

    Are there any spending exclusions?
    Grab is excluding three MCCs from this campaign:

    MCC 6300: Insurance sales, underwriting and premiums
    MCC 8220: Colleges, Junior Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools
    MCC 9399: Government services
    MCC 6300 and MCC 9399 were already excluded back when the campaign started in July, but MCC 8220 is a new addition. I hope this doesn’t mean that Grab is planning to add education to its general GrabRewards exclusion categories, as virtually no credit card offers rewards on this category anymore.

    What does this mean for the GrabPay Card?

    Now that double dipping opportunities are almost all gone (unless you have an AMEX True Cashback or AMEX SIA Business Card), GrabPay competes directly with your credit card for spending.

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