[iOS, iPadOS] Chromatic: Color Puzzles (U.P. $3.49) @ Apple App Store


Chromatic: Color Puzzles is offering free in-app purchase of infinite puzzles, making the whole app free.

The developer on Twitter has written the following:

"Hi all, I am the developer of Chromatic: Color Puzzles. My app has received many reviews stating that it helps people with anxiety, OCD, insomnia, etc.

In light of the financial difficulties experienced by many at these times, I have decided to make the in-app purchase free (normally USD$2.99). If you’re in a bad place mentally, I hope Chromatic can help you relax a bit!"

When you open the app, tap New Puzzle -> Unlock Infinite Puzzle.

App description:

Today’s world is too stressful, too demanding, and too chaotic. Take some time to de-stress! Chromatic is a colors-based puzzle game ideal for rest and relaxation.

The concept is refreshingly simple: just tap colors to swap them until harmony is restored. You will find puzzles with the perfect hues and level of challenge for you.

Express your artistic side by organizing colors into satisfyingly beautiful arrangements. Explore the endless number of multidimensional gradients that can be stretched across your screen. Get lost in captivating colors and ambient music.

Chromatic allows you to:

  • Reduce negative emotions with relaxing puzzles

  • Challenge your perceptual skills

  • Create harmony from chaos

Chromatic is:

  • Based on color theory and visual perception

  • Invigorating, yet relaxing

  • Satisfying and rewarding

Chromatic has:

  • A clean interface and a simple design

  • Featured puzzles based on the time of year

  • Endless puzzles using every color imaginable

Chromatic does not have:

  • Time limits - too stressful!

  • High scores - too much pressure!

  • Third-party ads - too annoying!

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