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giga Pop-up Plan - $18 for 20GB Monthly


This is back again. Copying and pasting from my last post!

This plan includes:

  • 200 mins of calls
  • 20GB
  • 200 SMS
  • Free rollover data (only rolls for 1 month)
  • Free Caller ID
  • Free incoming calls

My own input (as per a comment in previous deal):
This is actually a great deal.

It's a clear shot at circles.life and Gomo, who offer their plans for $18/mth and $20/mth respectively.

This beats circles.life because:

  • 100 extra mins of calls
  • 100 extra SMS
  • Free incoming calls
  • No port-in requirement

This beats Gomo because:

  • $2/mth cheaper

This beats both because:

  • Rollover data

The only thing remaining I can think of to compare would be roaming prices.

This $18/mth plan is probably best deal at the moment.

The $10/mth for 5GB plan is also pretty damn good value. I'd say the best for data in that price range.

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