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[iOS] Free: AdBlock Pro for Safari (U.P. $10.98) @ iTunes


AdBlock Pro is being offered for free.

Save data and speed up your Safari - block ads, trackers, unnecessary resources and bypass anti-adblock detectors.

Say goodbye to:

• ads and banners

• autoplay videos

• fake "x" buttons

• scrolling banners

• timed popups

• redirects to "xxx" websites

• YouTube video ads in Safari

• collection of your data online

Enjoy better Safari:

• on average 2x faster web browsing

• on average 50% lower data usage

•improved battery life

Extra features:

• bypass anti-adblock detectors

• sync settings between your devices with iCloud

• built-in button in Safari for quick changes

• hide obtrusive "Allow Cookies" prompts

• hide comment sections on popular websites

• block adult content (make browsing safe for kids)

Optimized for websites in the following languages:

English, Japanese, Indonesian, Russian, Persian, Latvian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Finnish, Korean, Swedish, Italian, French, Polish, Dutch, Estonian, Hebrew, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Danish, Greek, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Slovak, Norwegian, Hungarian, Chinese, German, Vietnamese, Arabic

Found an advertisement that made it through?

• Report it from inside the app. The app employs a crowdsourced blocking list updated with feedback of people like you.​

via adr8 at OzBargain

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