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Enjoy searching through thousands of jobs to find one? We wouldn't (ask you to). Let your next job find you. We'll guide you to create an awesome CV that's free to download - then we'll connect you with jobs on your terms - permanent, freelancer, consultant, volunteer and so on.

Here's a short 1 min video to let you know a bit more:

We've just launched this week and we'd love for you to come and take a look, create a CV, let us know what we can improve for you, and of course tell your friends if you think it'll help them.

Want a bit of background about why we've launched Next Mile? Well, keep reading…

When you really think about it, the way we advertise a job today and then have people apply to it hasn’t really evolved. We’ve basically gone from newspapers to online, meaning it’s easy to advertise a job anytime. It’s also become super easy for people to apply for jobs, but is that a good thing?

Employers quickly became inundated with applicants, most of which weren’t suitable. To combat this, they added layers of tech to help filter applicants. Most of this tech is expensive and doesn’t work that well, as they are based on interpreting unstructured CVs and job ads.

As employers became distanced from applicants, hiding behind the tech, feedback or worse, even acknowledgment seemed to disappear. Knowing this, people started to take a punt at far more jobs than they may be qualified for, or look at ways to game the system just to get noticed.

The result? Employers are inundated again, and the tech has really struggled to keep up. So what’s the solution? Well, more tech keeps getting layered on. It’s become a cat and mouse game.

This means looking for a job today, takes a lot of time and drives a lot of frustration. From an employer perspective, finding the right staff is taking longer and costing more than it ever has.

We’ve experienced this personally from both sides, and well, it sucks. We may not have all the right answers yet, but we’re having a go at fixing it because what exists today isn’t working.

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    Hi CheapCheapLah,

    I'm Josh and I'm one of the co-founders of Next Mile.

    Thanks for checking us out. I'm keen to answer any questions - whether they're about Next Mile or even just general questions about finding a job or finding staff. I'm happy to help if I can.

    As we've just launched, I'm sure there may be a few areas where we might have missed the mark for you. So let me know - I'd like to get on to fixing it for you right away.



    I got to say, that's a pretty good spiel (I'm not being sarcastic). The concept sounds interesting.

    But to be clear - it sounds like this is continuing the cat and mouse game. You're offering a free CV - and I assume this CV is one that is able to be structured such that all the tech that is used to filter out CVs positively identifies the free CV you're offering? Am I understanding that correctly?


    Thanks, @illumination.

    We’ve kind of flipped things around a little vs. how it works today on job boards, LinkedIn etc. Those platforms get employers to advertise jobs and then anyone can freely apply. Hence the need for screening tools and the cat and mouse game.

    We're not simply a CV generator, we're a full job site. What we do is ask both talent and employers a lot of questions around salary, skills, experience, education, work preferences, availability and so on. It’s pretty extensive.

    What this means is when an employer posts a job on Next Mile we match the data they've provided to us about their company and the role with talent in our database. We then push that job out only to those matched people for them to review and apply if they wish. After 48 hours we'll send a warm shortlist of anonymised profiles to the employer to review including only those people who said they were interested.

    They'll be able to review those profiles and select those they might want to take forward for an interview. That could be 1 person, 5 people. They'll pay $50 per person to unlock their details.

    We remove the need for third-party screening tools as it's built into our platform and process.

    Does this make sense? Thoughts?


      Hey, yes it does absolutely make sense. Interesting concept. I guess you'd really need a huge volume of both employers and prospective employees on board to really make this successful but I would imagine that's your vision.

      I'd like to find out more - so I'll probably see what you have to offer!


        Thank you! :)

        You're right - it's very much a numbers game to make it a success for both talent & employers. Initial feedback and sign-ups have been promising though, and this is very much just the beginning.

        Would love for you to check us out when you have time

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