Wogi Gift Cards: Redeeming Gifts

Anyone find it difficult to use wogi gift cards?
I see cold storage on there but there’s no actual option to proceed with the redemption.
FairPrice says $5-100 or something like that but you seem to only be able to buy $5 vouchers?
Am I missing something??

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Wogi Gift Cards
Wogi Gift Cards



    I suspect the gift cards from vendors are pre-purchased and they ran out of stock. I remember I couldn't buy the $20 Lazada gc, but could buy the $50 if I topped up my Wogi$ with my own money.


    What do people find Wogi gift cards in general? I'm trying to prepare the prizes for last month's comp.


      I think their system is rather odd. FairPrice supermarket vouchers are sold only in $5 denominations so it ends up working like a $5 discount code per shop.

      Cold storage wasn’t available for a while but also sold as $5 or $8.
      Guess you could save up the amounts Cos lazada and Shopee do have bigger amounts like $50.