expired Free KFC Cheese Fries (Worth $4.20) After Registering on KFC App


I've linked to the banner where this deal is shown - noticed this when trying to use the $2.50 Zinger Burger deal.

I can't find the T&Cs on the website, but on the app it is as follows:

  • Redemption is valid 2 weeks from date of issue (from the time you create the account - it is issued to your account automatically)
  • Applicable via Dine-in and Takeaway only (lol what are the other options…?)
  • Valid for one-time use only
  • Applicable with any purchase
  • Not available during breakfast hours, before 11am
  • Not applicable with other promo codes

What stands out to me is there don't seem to be any store exclusions, and a purchase may be required (as per point 4). I will probably try this shortly and be able to confirm.

This seems to have replaced the previous freebie which I would've much preferred, but never got a chance to try.

During registration, I was asked for name, number, email address and whether or not I wish to receive promos by SMS/email. I did not have to verify my email address or phone number.

Looking in the profile section of the app, there's an optional field for birthday, which also adds, "So we can send you a birthday surprise!" - seems there might be a birthday freebie from KFC too!

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    No verification needed = can create multiple accounts 😉


    Did you try this one? Cheapest option to purchase seems to be sour cream and onion sauce at 30 cents. Useful cheapest item is froyo ice cream cone at $1.30.

    On second thought the sauce might go well with the free fries :D

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