expired Mobike 30-Day Pass @ Qoo10 - $5.99


Cheapest 30-day pass I can find.

With Ofos becoming rarer, I've been looking at alternatives. I'm finding that Mobike is now more common than Ofo.

Reminder to pay for this with your Qpoints which you can earn for free by doing a daily spin of that wheel thingo within the Qoo10 app (in the Qlounge section).

Unknown expiry.

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    Thanks for the SIC illumination! Ofos are indeed getting rarer due to the restrictions placed by the Land Transport Authority.

    Also, not verified as it was not covered by the mainstream media(msm):



    SIC= sharing is caring. Ofo expanded too big and was penalized. Mobike was not.


      SIC= sharing is caring

      Ah ok haha. No problem.

      Ofo expanded too big and was penalized. Mobike was not.


      That's sad though :( I've been using Ofo quite a lot over the last 3 months.

      I would imagine if it's what you just said though, then Ofo would be penalised to be about the same size as Mobike, but maybe it's just my area where I'm seeing less Ofo vs Mobike.

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