expired 10% Cashback for Overseas Transactions with Singtel Dash via payWave or QR Code [Max $5 Cashback Per Transaction]


Similar to previous deal, but different cap ($5 per transaction) and different payment methods (offline only).

10% cashback on your purchase made with Singtel Dash capped at $5 per transaction. I cannot see if there's a cap for this overall promotion. Payments must be made outside Singapore.

Payments must be made via either:

  1. Dash VISA Virtual Account through Visa payWave; or
  2. Dash QR Code payments through VIA

I believe option #1 refers to using NFC on your phone to pay via Singtel Dash. This means iPhones won't work, because NFC via Singtel Dash only works on Androids. This refers to payments made by "Apple Pay and payments by Android via Visa payWave overseas transactions only." Note that "Apple Pay" simply refers to using Singtel Dash via Apple's contactless payment feature, and not just generically using Apple Pay with any random bank card.

It seems that this deal therefore is only an offline deal, seeing as the eligible payment methods are through either payWave or QR Code. Don't forget that there is still a foreign transaction fee surcharge.

As per FAQ, the fee for foreign transaction fees is as follows:

Processing fees for overseas transactions includes a flat fee per transaction and a percentage of the transaction value, depending on the transaction value. The maximum flat fee is 0.80 SGD and the maximum percentage is 1.5% per transaction.

1.5% is actually quite low for a conversion fee. I can't quite work out what determines the flat fee though, but will update if I find out.

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    Have used this recently in Malaysia and can confirm I'm getting 10% cashback on my transactions!


    I've added extra detail. Previously I stated Apple Pay is probably not eligible but this is definitely not true as it is stated that Apple Pay is also part of the promo. Make sure you're using Singtel Dash via Apple Pay though!

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