Get $20 Grab Gift Vouchers + $20 Rebate via Referral When Signing up with Geneco


Dear guys: Go to - Online signup:
1) fill up your particulars (current SP account holder's)
2) under Promotion, key GRABGENECO under Promo Code and a Referral Code to get $20 grabgifts vouchers and $20 electricity discount
3) If you are using UOB One credit card to pay, best to complete the credit card application which is the next step in the sign up process to ensure you have the UOB One Card rebate of 5% plus 1%. If not, can also sign up other credit card or GIRO payments
4)17.98cents (With GST) per kWh is one of the best in the market now, as we don't charge you for transmission losses (will result in 3.5% increase to your usage) nor carbon tax , and no Security Deposit

The Grab redemption codes will be emailed within 30 days.

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Referer and referee both get $20 rebate on your electricity bill

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