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$25 for 13GB+100min, $50 for 40GB+300min, $80 for 70GB+500min, No Contract SIM Only Plans @ StarHub (+$5 off/Month for 6 Months)


Goodbye confusion, hello simplicity
No to contracts and hidden fees, yes to data-free apps


No Contract
Customers are not bound by any minimum subscription commitment period.

Free Caller Number Display & International Roaming
Two previously chargeable add-on services – Caller Number Display (Caller ID) and International Roaming – now come free-of-charge for customers. This means immediate savings of $15.35 a month.

No Hidden Fees
The plans are devoid of hidden charges for customers to enjoy peace-of-mind. In a market-first, StarHub is scrapping all one-time administrative, activation and SIM card fees, which add up to about $200 over 12 months for a typical customer.

Add ons at No cost
Customers who want to modify their plans can do so using the My StarHub app. They can enjoy the flexibility of stacking on more of what they need, when they need it, without any one-time fees. Android users will be the first to enjoy this feature; the iOS app will be updated within the next two weeks.

  • Data:
    Unlimited weekend at $6 a month
    10GB at $10 a month
    1GB for three days at $3
    $6 Enjoy unlimited data on LINE, WeChat and WhatsApp
    $10 Enjoy unlimited data on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter
    $10 Enjoy unlimited data on CatchPlay, HBO GO, Netflix and Toggle

  • Roaming:
    Get data for use across multiple travel destinations with DataTravel from $5
    DataTravel Asia Pacific: 1GB for $5 over 3 day, 2GB for $15 over 30 days, 3GB for $20 over 30 days
    DataTravel Global: 2GB for $40 over 30 days, 3GB for $50 over 30 days

  • Talktime:
    800 minutes at $10 a month
    Unlimited minutes at $18 a month

  • SMS:
    500 SMS at $3 a month

Terms and conditions:

The first 10,000 customers to sign up will get additional 10GB every month for a year. There are no surprise charges, as this bonus will end automatically. Customers who want to get a discounted phone can simply top up $25 per month. These customers will get the same 10GB bonus for the full 24-month term.

Customers can visit www.starhub.com/mobile from 9am tomorrow to select their favourite plan and arrange for free home delivery. They can also sign up at any StarHub Shop

Use code hellochange for an extra $5 off per month for 6 months (credit to Blahblah)

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  • Good plans. Was just reading about this.

  • +1

    Holy crap ok I'm signing up. That is seriously impressive.

    • Done!

      And you also don't pay a cent when making the order… was not asked for any Credit Card details.

      The verification page where you upload your documents is annoying. They don't accept anything except JPGs. I wanted to attach a utility bill in PDF format but had to get it converted to JPG (just googled PDF to JPG converter).

  • Assuming you don't get the extra 10gb, this plan is slightly worse off than the m1 sim only, no contract plan?


  • Right now the plan that makes the most compelling case for value-for-money(which is what I am using) is the zero1 $19.90 3GB to unlimited, with 200 min outgoing, 200sms and caller ID. At that price point, nothing comes close to beating it. However, since that is no longer available as it was a special launch price, at $25 you have the main competitors slugging it out

    • Yea I'm actually on the $29.99/mth version of the Zero1 "3GB to Unlimited" one, but this is a no brainer considering it's cheaper.

      The only downsides I can see for me are:

      • Bonus 10GB only lasts a year
      • Not "unlimited" - so if I actually use more than 13GB then I'm out of data
      • 100 mins less outgoing calls

      Plus points are:

      • Larger telco - so eligible to get StarHub exclusive promos - not that I can think of any off the top of my head
      • $4/mth cheaper
      • 10GB more full speed data
      • Roaming, including access to DataTravel which actually seems reasonably priced (relative to Happy Roam)
      • IMHO lack of sms and limited availability for that extra 10gb are also downsides

        • Oh yes true, forgot about lack of SMS although not a significant disadvantage. I'll only consider it a significant disadvantage if I needed to SMS often (which I don't), or if I needed to SMS more than $4/mth worth lol in which case it'd end up being more expensive.

          What do you mean by limited availability? As in the 10GB is not really available to anyone/everyone?

          • +1

            @illumination: Yea according to the press release : first 10,000 customers to sign up will get additional 10GB every month for a year.

  • Coming from someone who has tried all the traffic lights(I'm a telco slut with zero loyalties), so this is just my sharing. Take it with a pinch of salt as information is dated:

    Singtel(Red): their network is unbeatable. Some pretty good deals on the Singtel Rewards app: think half priced meals and highly discounted famous amos cookies, albeit with limited redemption.

    M1(Orange): Customer service used to be great. The fibre was the cheapest too, until Whizcomms came around. Can't think of any other perks.

    Starhub(Green): Mediocre coverage out of the three, but steadily improving. They constantly hold giveaways with fantastic prizes on facebook which are available to their customers

    The MNVOs are shaking up the market by pioneering features such unlimited Data(Zero1), extreme talk time(1000 min for $8- MyRepublic) and loyalty features(Circle.Life gives away data generously). They are small and nimbler, as such, can provide such features to draw a larger market share. The traditional 3 are unable to do that as that would burden them with higher costs- doing so would be tantamount to suicide in an already stretched market. Hence, it is no secret that each of the three MNVO are partnered to each of the three Telcos. They distribute the excess capabiltites of their networks to a smaller, more nimble partner who offers is less of traditional perks and more of unorthox strategies. Its a win win for all, and we've seen tangible benefits for consumers. Got to hand it to IMDA for ochestrating this whole matter!

    • (I'm a telco slut with zero loyalties)

      Haha, as am I, although I haven't been here long enough to properly try out all the different telcos.

      I very happily jumped on this deal though primarily because it's no contract. I imagine there will be a response, given StarHub are a big player. It'll be interesting to see what happens from here and to see what TPG are gonna come up with, although it seems their launch has been delayed to mid 2019.

      edit: On second thoughts, I think I may be overestimating the impact of this given it's not actually a permanent implementation but rather just a deal only available to those who jump on this quickly.

        • Without the bonus data, I think Singtel Prepaid Yay! plan can also be an option.

          Singtel Yay!

          Free caller ID and free incoming.

  • You can get 100 sms/month if you opt for GIRO payment. More details on how to set it up here: http://www.starhub.com/personal/support/billing-and-payment/…

  • +1

    Take note that Starhub no longer charges per second block. This means that even if you spoke just a word and then hang up, they would consider that as a minute!

    • That's good info.

      Where did you hear that from though? Are you sure they charge in min blocks and not 30 sec blocks? I know circles.life do 30 sec blocks.

  • IMHO, if Starhub had included the unlimited weekends, they would be the undisputed winner of this round of price war!

  • +1

    A late comment but use code 'hellochange' for $5/month off first 6 months. Signed up last weekend, very impressed. Another brilliant post Extech, thanks!

    • Ah dammit, missed this oh when I signed up:( Thank you for sharing, added:)

      • Blahblah, I can't edit it. Possibly the window for me to do so is over. Will request for admin to help out!

    • Out of curiosity, where did you get that code from?

      • It appeared on the status website about a few weeks after the plan was made available to the public. I too missed this code, but it seems that you can 'recontract' when you key in the status number. Will report back if I can get the rebate!

  • Starhub just added $0 unlimited data weekend(Was $6/month)!

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