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$6 off Any Top Picks Restaurant on GrabFood


Get $6 off your next GrabFood order at a choice of many restaurants that fit under the "Top Picks" category. Use the promo code TOP6 at checkout. Valid until Sunday 2nd September.

Selection of restaurants include: Pezzo Pizza SG, PastaMania (Singapore), CRAVE Nasi Lemak & Teh Tarik, SO PHO, A-One Claypot House, Texas Chicken Singapore, Popeyes Singapore, Blackball Singapore 黑丸嫩仙草, NeNe Chicken Singapore, Char-Grill Bar, Streats Cafe, Bali Thai Singapore, Penang Culture, Guzman y Gomez Singapore, Saap Saap Thai, or Greendot

Terms and Conditions:

  • You need to have an existing Grab account with a verified email address in order to use GrabFood
  • You need to have the latest Grab and GrabFood app.
  • Orders can only be made with GrabPay.
  • TOP6 promo code entitles user to $6 OFF for merchants under the “Top Picks” category, and is available from 25 August to 2 September 2018.
  • TOP6 promo code has limited redemptions available. A successful redemption is only made upon checkout. Any promo code applied without checkout does not guarantee a redemption in the future.
  • Grab reserves the right to change the promotion at their own discretion

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  • This is actually an amazing promo. Several opportunities for free food with this!

    $6 discount also deducts delivery fee as well!

    • Wait… it can be used multiple times per account?

      • Yes.

        However.. I just clicked through the link, and it's been fully redeemed. So it's now expired.

        I got free lunch with this today by ordering:

        • Rice
        • Fish cutlet
        • Steamed egg
        • Naan

        Each from different places.

        Delivery fee is between $3-5, where $4 is slightly surged, $5 is very surged and $3 is standard.

        Half the office did the same.

        So we probably had about 15 delivery drivers delivering our crap today :D

        • Wow that's great! Food sorted for a day or two!

          Thanks for the report about it being fully redeemed - marked as expired now.

        • @JSQUARED: Nah portions are tiny here. They all made up to be one meal.

          No problem. I actually didn't see the deal here otherwise would've pos'd it earlier too!

        • @illumination: Didn't strike my mind that the portions to be that tiny.

          But now you've definitely reminded me that every time I ordered through a food delivery platform in SG the portions weren't that big either.

        • @JSQUARED: Ok I mean being objective they're not tiny. If anything, I'd say Australian portions are unnecessarily oversized and the portion sizes here are about just right.

          It's nice in a way - I often feel like I stuff myself in Australia just because portions are big. Good cause you get a lot of food, but bad for the same reason!

        • @illumination: Yeah I guess for the price you pay in Australia you'd probably expect a decent serving. Especially when prices are a bit higher a bit on food delivery platforms (Uber Eats - 30% fee apparently!).

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