Any Bank Which Doesn't Charge Overseas Transaction Fee?

When I was in Australia Macquarie Bank and Citi Bank are the two known for not charging an overseas transaction fee. They effectively charge less than 1AUD when I spend 1 SGD in Singapore, which is rare. Now I moved to Singapore, is there a bank that offers a similar advantage?




    I couldn't find any cards that fit that criteria myself, but it seems a lot of cards in Singapore do offer cashback on general spend (much like when ING used to do so) and sometimes foreign currency spend too.



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    Hi, have you tried the CIMb visa signature card? No annual fee, no minimum spend, $0 on administration fees for foreign online purchases. The bank will refund the admin fee to your account the next day. Here’s the link.

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    This just made headlines recently:


    What missWIKIpeeks posted is the next closest one that I've seen, and in fact it could be argued that the 10% cash rebate on online spend in foreign currencies is actually better than what is offered by Australian cards.

    From a miles earning point of view, the Bank of China Elite World Mastercard has an amazing 5 miles/$ and arguably makes the overseas transaction surcharge worth it.

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    CIMB visa signature card like what misswikipeeks recommended is the best. I personally use it. But look at the T&Cs, you'll need to hit minimum 8 transactions each above $30, and spend more than $500 per statement month to benefit. So e.g you can buy a budget airfare to Bali from SG + online shopping 7 times to benefit.

    they will charge you admin charges for the overseas spend, then give u credit back following month for the admin charges.


    minimum 8 transactions each above $30 is being removed in November


    If both sides exist of the China bank account & willing to transact with CNY(in China Mainland) or CNH (in Hong Kong), then, it's free.
    And it can also work with FinTech too with AliPay and WeChat-Pay.