Migration of Avatar Image Storage from Gravatar to CheapCheapLah

CheapCheapLah has been using Gravatar for the display of profile avatars since launch. In the interest of removing Gravatar from our list of dependencies, we will now be storing profile avatars on our own media storage platform. Existing users can either

  • Upload a new profile image, or
  • Copy existing image on gravatar to our own media storage.

For convenience, users that have logged in within the past six months will have their existing avatar automatically copied from gravatar.

Users that do not have a profile image uploaded will contine to have the default image as before.

To update your avatar, please go to My Account -> Settings and use the functions provided in the Profile Avatar section.

Profile Avatar Functions


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    The profile avatars for users active in the past 6 months are currently being copied from gravatar.

    Edit: Completed.

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